I like a lot of stuff, but I only put a few on this page.To start off with, I love school!! Belive it or not, but I just LOVE school!! I like school because you can learn a lot of stuff which will come in handy, and you can make more friends, join different clubs, and for those of you who like sports-well, you join them because of school!! I also love playing games on the computer!!! My favorite game is the Shift series!

Here are some of my favorite sites, enjoy!






•And if you want to see what's so great about Shift, then just click on one of the 4 links below!!

Shift 1: http://armorgames.com/play/751/shift

Shift 2:


Shift 3:


Shift 4:



Just click on the links, and you will be lead straight to the site! ENJOY!!!!